Panel discussion and workshop on the global market of Europe in the European Union

The European Fashion Passport 2019 was officially opened in the building of the European Union in BiH and the Ambassador, His Excellency, Khaldoun Sinno had the honour of opening the festival.

At the opening of the European Fashion Passport 2019, a panel discussion and workshop was organised on the topic  “The European global market “.

A panel discussion sustains fashion and lunch at the Swedish Residence

We held a lecture and workshop on the impact of the fashion industry on the environment at the residence of the Swedish Embassy, organized and led by the Ambassador, Her Excellency, Johanna Strömquist.

The Ambassador also hosted a lunch for our designers.

Creative workshop in High School for Textile, Leather and Design Sarajevo

One of the important segments of the festival is a creative workshop with festival participants and students of the High School for Textile, Leather and Design in Sarajevo.

B2B meeting and workshop with representatives of the textile industry in BiH

As part of the festival, we organized a B2B session for participants of European Fashion Passport 2019 with representatives of BiH companies and the fashion industry.

FujiFilm workshop for young photographers

In cooperation with FujiFilm, the European Fashion Passport organizes workshops for young photographers. In 2019, at the festival, 15 young photographers created about thirty photo editorials over four days of workshops. Amina Hodzic is an award-winning young photographer with a FujiFilm pro camera.